If you are a mobile worker and you have a smartphone the chances are that you will have an iPhone. The iPhone is the perfect complement to the mobile working less lifestyle, and many people find that it is invaluable to them, especially if they have to work while on the move, or manage a large amount of data and other information as part of their work practice. However, one of the biggest complaints with the iPhone is that it does run out of power quite easily. In this article we will look at ways in which your iPhone becomes vulnerable to power loss issues. One of the biggest issues is location services. On your iPhone, unless you are using location services on a regular basis, turn off as much of them as you can. Location services drain your battery incredibly extensively, so you need to make sure that you are not using location services that will cause you problems. Even if you are a mobile worker there should still be aspects of location services that are superfluous to your requirements. Head into location services and check out the list, if there is anything there that you don’t use on a daily basis you need to get rid of it.


Push mail drains power


Another of the big drains on your iPhone powerbase is push mail. Push mail is where you tell your iPhone to constantly check for new e-mails. Essentially, it is pushing the iPhone through a lot of power usage simply to find out if there is e-mail, as frequently as every 15 minutes. You don’t need to know if you have e-mail every 15 minutes, and if you do you are either way too busy for your own health, or you have nothing else to do. Change your push settings so that you are only checking e-mail when your e-mail is actually opened. You will find that your power usage will suddenly seem less intensive than it used to.


Also, change your diagnostics and usage settings. Apple has worked out a little trick that means that they are constantly receiving data from you about your usage of the phone. You need to change this, so that you are not sending this information to Apple on a regular basis. Diagnostics means that you are literally sending Apple data, sometimes on a daily basis. The amount of battery power this takes can be quite incredible. Avoid this problem, and switch off your diagnostics on your iPhone.


Having an iPhone can be incredibly useful. They really can transform the mobile working life, but if you don’t take care with your power usage it will not be long before you find that your battery lets you down on a regular basis. Avoid this, and try out the few tips we have outlined in this article. Cutting down on your power usage means that you have more power when you need it, and when you’re working on a mobile basis this can mean something quite significant.