There have been many technological advancements in recent years that have made mobile working a reality. The most obvious one is the modern laptop. This little beauty allows anyone to stay in touch with anyone around the world, and it also enables people to share documents and other important work elements from any point in the world too, as long as good Internet access is available. The beauty of the laptop is that it is portable, but also has a lot of processing power underneath the hood.


Then we have the tablet, which is an even more portable version of the laptop, and one which many companies are now giving to their employees if their employees work on a mobile basis. Mobile working is very much here to stay, and the world of technology is now doing its best to bring products that will facilitate better mobile working.


Google have also jumped on the bandwagon with their Google Glass product. This is a pair of glasses that has much functionality built into them. There is effectively a heads up display involved, and also speech recognition, so that you can use it to navigate the world, and also carry out daily tasks.


Technology is still new, and only 10,000 people in the world are able to use it because of the pilot scheme. However, one key aspect of Google Glass already looks attractive. This is the one that allows you to socially map the surrounding area. So anyone that you know in your work network will be picked up and highlighted on your screens in the glasses as you walk into a room or into a coffee shop for example. This is exactly as it sounds. You walk into a space and little icons come up above the heads of people around you who are linked to you in your social networks.


Ramifications for mobile working


This has interesting ramifications for mobile working. You can find people that you are supposed to meet for a meeting quickly and easily. You can also record conversations for later use on a visual basis. You can make notes as regards what people say in meetings, by making a visual video recording or even just an audio recording.


Google Glass will do a lot for mobile working. It will enable people to connect quicker, and will also bring to peoples work lives much more focused, as they are able to identify people and projects quickly and assign them to the relevant sections of the working day.


Unlike the digital pen, or the laptop, with Google Glass it is not immediately clear as regards how it will affect people's working lives from day one. However, it is exciting stuff, and we can see people working in busy environments using Google Glass to get more work done quickly and easily.