While most businesses know that using smartphones and tablets can improve efficiency and accessibility for employees, they are not always clear on the actual practicalities of the matter. In fact, some businesses are still not seeing the true value in mobile working and are instead just dishing out devices in the vain hope that employees will know how to use them. This is obviously not best practice, so companies need to wake up and understand that smart devices can improve mobile working productivity, but only if you know how to use them.


As an example of how versatile a smartphone is it is important to understand that they are now very much on a par with desktops or laptops. They may not have the same processing power but they can certainly run the same business tasks. For example, you can manage your cash flow, run accounts, discuss issues with employees and customers, and work to create documents or spreadsheets while being away from the office and/or your computer. However, many companies do not know these things are this versatile, and instead just assume that they are used for text messaging and emails. There are a wide number of apps available for smartphones that allow a virtual desktop to be present on your smartphone.


Effectively, you could be away from the office for an indefinite amount of time and still run most of your processes and manage most of your tasks while on the move. This means that there is immense potential for the smartphone in the world of business and for mobile working in general. It still remains to be seen whether more businesses will switch onto this and allow their employees to spend more time away from the office, living lives that are less stressful and more productive.


Much is free


Another bonus is the fact that the majority of business software and apps for mobile workers on smartphones nowadays are free. This includes software suites that allow mobile workers to use word processing and spreadsheet software. It also includes emails and email management applications. In addition, the majority of social media and messaging applications are free. This means that pretty much all you need to run an office and even a company can be done from your smartphone or tablet.


What this means for companies is that they need to be more alert and aware of upgrades in software development in the world of business applications. Upgrades and developments are frequent, and they often extend the life of the app and enhance the functionality of the app too. This means that even more tasks and processes can be easily handled while on the move.


All this is still news to some companies and their staff. This is a shame, because the mobile working revolution is gathering pace, and it would be terribly sad if some companies were left behind because they were unable to identify and then train on issues that were important to productivity.