If mobile working is soon to be a necessity in your life, then keep in mind that you don’t actually need a huge amount of technology to make it work. Most workers find that they can operate very well with the help of a laptop, internet and a smartphone. Some may prefer to employ the use of a scanner or a printer and others may also opt for a smartpen (sometimes known as a digital pen). It really depends on what tasks they will need to perform as to which tools they opt to employ.


Many workers find that they can get by with the use of a mobile device such as a smartphone or an iPad or tablet. Cloud computing has really changed the game for many mobile workers. Files and images are now accessible from pretty much any location at any time for the mobile workforce.


What is cloud computing?


To put it simply, cloud computing means that applications can be hosted on a server. Users can access their applications through the use of a web browser. For example, now Microsoft Windows offers access to their Office software via the web, as opposed to buying the software to on the computer and needing a license to use it. Users pay for access instead.


Netbooks and printers


Although it’s important to have technology with a significant amount of processing power and memory, it’s not essential to run every piece of software on the computer any more. A netbook can be used simply as an access device for applications that are available on the Cloud.


Smart Pens or Digital Pens


Instead of having to spend hours typing up hand written notes from conferences or business meetings, it’s now possible to capture those notes in one move. It’s possible to write in any one of 30 different languages, as the software is able to handle it. Mobile working really has come along leaps and bounds over the last few years. The above technology should give you a helping hand in your productivity.