Sometimes it can feel like meetings are a living hell. This is because the meeting may be disorganised or sloppy as regards timings, and some people may even get there late, delaying the whole process by minutes. If you are sick of meetings it is time to take control of them by using technology that can really help to make sure that meetings are manageable and stress-free.


One thing you can do as regards technology is order a transcript. Whether you take a recording of the meeting on your phone or through some specialist technology like a microphone, you can order a full transcript of the meeting through a special app that can be accessed through your smartphone. If you are the kind of employee who needs a word-for-word transcript of a meeting, this can mean hard work, as you try and listen to the meeting on your phone or through your recording technology, patiently trying to transcribe the output into something that is recognizable as a transcript. However, some new technology has made this job a little easier. One app, available on iOS and Android allows you to take a recording on the phone and then instantly send that recording off to specialist transcribers, who will transcribe it quickly and efficiently before sending it back to you. It comes at a cost, but the increases in productivity are worth it.


High-end recording


If you are after high-end digital recording of your meeting, which allows you to produce crystal clear transcriptions quite easily, then you may need to invest in a high-end digital microphone recorder. There are some excellent ones out there on the market, and they often allow you to record direct to your smartphone device. The difference here is that you don’t have the problems that you have with smartphones when it comes to recording quality. Instead, you get high quality sound that helps with transcriptions. The high quality sound also allows you to create brainstorming sessions as ideas flow quickly in meetings. Replay the meeting recording and you can have the recording that allows you to make notes about the brainstorming that took place. It’s all high quality stuff.


One of the biggest advances in the world of note taking in meetings has ben the digital pen. Tis device allows you to quickly make notes ‘on the fly’, and save the notes for later use. Technology in the field of digital pens has improved so much in the last couple of years alone, that you can now use your smartphone as storage device for the notes, and even write notes with a digital pen onto the screen of a tablet.


Uploading of your notes is easy, and takes just a few seconds. The end result is a new way of taking notes that ensures you can get information down quickly and without distracting your fellow attendees through the tapping noise that accompanies use of a laptop.


All of these technologies make it very easy to manage meetings more effectively, and get results form them that are useful.