If you are a mobile worker, productivity is absolutely essential. If you're not productive, all those hours and minutes between meetings, whether virtual or otherwise, and the time between travelling destinations can be wasted. It's easy to fall into the trap of not getting much done even though you think you are working hard. Here are some tips to make sure that your productivity while mobile working is optimised.


One of the best things you can do if you are a mobile worker is to store all your work in the cloud. Whether this is Apple's own cloud or Google's cloud, or any other service, cloud computing ensures that you can store your documents and emails online, so you can reach them wherever you are. This means using your phone to access the documents too, rather than just your laptop or tablet.


There is real flexibility here, and mobile workers appreciate the fact that they can pick up any device and access all the important work that they need within seconds. It allows for a much larger amount of scope when you are asked to a meeting and you need to access documents quickly. You are able to do it quickly on your phone, and then perhaps mirror your phone to a screen, meaning that you don't have to be limited to laptop use.


So one of our key tips about mobile working is to store is much as possible of your work in the cloud. Not only does it enable accessibility, it also means there is less of a toll on your hard drive. This means less cumbersome storage for you while you're working, and more accessibility in the cloud.


The beauty of Evernote


One key app that really works well in the cloud is Evernote. We have talked about Evernote before, but for mobile workers it is increasingly becoming an absolutely indispensable tool. Evernote works exclusively in the cloud, and this means that you can store notes on anything, even photographs and audio clips. So wherever you are, you don’t have to worry about missing a trick. If you park at the side of a road on the way to a meeting and you have to make a note about a conversation had earlier, just turn Evernote on.


Evernote is so flexible because it literally takes seconds to record a note. That note is available across all your devices, including a desktop computer. It has proven to be utterly indispensable for many mobile workers, and we can predict that the platform itself becomes even more adaptable as time goes on. What we anticipate is more fluidity between notes and conversations. Watch this space.


Essentially, we suppose our biggest piece of advice is that from now on start thinking about storing a lot of what you are doing on the cloud. The very essence of mobile working is movement. If you're moving fast day in, day out, it makes sense to store all that is important to your work off your devices and up in the cloud, where it can be accessed wherever you are.