Imagine losing your smartphone. The panic that arises after the event is incredible. Some people are so attached to their smartphones that they actually cry when they lose them. They are indispensable and very personal. For some people, their whole lives are captured, stored and held securely in that little device.


Now imagine that you lost the smartphone that your boss at work gave you, the one he entrusted to you as an employee, and the one that contains highly sensitive files that affect everyone in the company. Imagine that you lost that little thing. What would be the repercussions? How would it affect your life?


The thing is, many of us have smartphones that have work ‘stuff’ on them alongside personal ‘stuff’. This is not going to go away and it means that IT managers constantly fret over the fact that there is so much company-sensitive information on smartphones that if they were stolen the company and it’s position could be compromised. However, BlackBerry, as one of the pioneers of mobile working technology, have released a new piece of software that helps IT managers to take control of the data on an employee’s smartphone. It does this while also creating a situation where personal data can still be stored on the phone.


BlackBerry has entered the security market in a big way with Secure Work Space, a new initiative that allows smartphone users to have their data ‘partitioned’. This means that IT managers and data managers from the workplace can partition up data so that personal and work data are held in two different places in the phone’s memory. IT departments can ‘fence off’ company data and then access and manage it remotely. The personal data on the user’s phone is kept fenced off from the business data, and this way there is less chance of contacts etc. getting mixed up, or someone accidentally altering important data on the phone.


Perhaps one of the very best things about Secure Work Space is the fact that it is cross-platform. This means that Android and iOS phones can also use the software. This instantly makes phones more secure for companies who use the software for their mobile working employees. One way to see the benefits is to consider the fact that, if a phone is stolen, the IT department can access it remotely and wipe the data, for example. This makes for much more secure mobile working and better safety all round.


What does this mean for mobile working? First of all it means that companies can keep a very close eye on what their employees are doing with work-related data. Since that would happen in the workplace anyway this is no big deal. However, it also means that the employee can enjoy the kind of freedom they want with the phone because if necessary the employer can pull the plug on the sensitive data at any time. For all those mobile working aficionados who just can’t get enough of working outside the office while at the same time managing their social life, their time has come.