The digital pen may well have been with us for some time now but like a vintage bottle of wine or bottle of port they just keep getting better with time!


There is a pen available for everyone, with them each offering their own advantages to the user in their own unique and charming way. It could be said the digital pen has completely transformed the original purpose the pen was set out to achieve.


The technology in these smart pens was most certainly not developed over night, the tiny camera that is in most digital pens (but not ours!) that has the ability to record your hand writing is truly a piece of art.


As previously stated there is a pen available for everyone including students, teachers and professionals. Why is this? The market is filled with digital pens of all shapes and sizes. The most advanced pen requires nothing but a standard piece of paper. Remember the pro’s and con’s of one pen to one person are different to someone else!


Offering so many advantages to many people, the main advantages regardless of the pen you choose are highlighted below:

  • You have the ability to backup your handwritten note taking
  • The option to turn handwritten notes into digital text similar to a Microsoft Word document
  • A search tool to enable you to search through your note taking for key words
  • Software to ensure your notes are organised with ease

These are a range of pens that will offer the user convenience and practicality regardless of whether you spend endless hours writing or spend even the smallest amount of time writing.


So what can the digital pen do for you? Not only does it have digital capabilities to remember what you write but it is a pen that captures your writing, storing it on your computer ready for you to use it. The majority of pens require digital paper (but ours don't). Digital paper is a piece of paper consisting of a number of dots, commonly known as Anoto pattern. In a two dimensional bar code this pattern can be printed on normal paper through a laser printer. The Anoto pattern is not visible to the eye.


As you use the digital pen it will record with the use of an optical camera every pen stroke. The camera in the point of the pen takes dozens of pictures a second to create a digital pattern. Once the pen is put into a USB or Bluetooth connector, the strokes of the pen are transformed into images and text.


Similar looking to a regular pen, you will forget you have a digital pen. It may be larger than a stylus but contains the following features:

  • It’s own internal memory
  • Bluetooth transmission
  • Ability to change colour and erase
  • Touch sensitivity

So what are you waiting for, make the digital pen a regular pen for you. All that is left now is to pick the perfect digital pen companion for you.