One of the biggest areas in which digital pens flourishes is the university and college market. For many years university students have had to carry around plenty of books and paper in which they can make notes and create diagrams and so on. It has been a necessary evil of university life. But with the advent of the digital pen, this has changed considerably. Students no longer have to carry around a pile of books in their bags simply because they want to keep up with the notes in a lecture. Instead, they can use the digital pen to take notes of all kinds, and therefore remove the need to carry bulky notebooks from lecture to lecture.


Perhaps this is most evident in the science subjects. Here, students no longer have to use reams of paper to draw their diagrams and create their notes. With a digital pen they can simply work to their notes, and upload them later so that they are on screen and easy to adapt. If you have to create a number of diagrams as part of a lecture or seminar, it can be a godsend to have a simple digital pen to use that takes away all the problems of using paper throughout your day.


Works with any subject


It works with any subject actually. No matter what subject you are studying at University, if you’re able to contain all your notes on a pen device, then you have much more flexibility. This has meant that people have enjoyed a more relaxed time at university, with the ability to quickly scribble out some notes or diagrams and then upload them to their computer. It’s even better than using a tablet, which had its own problems, no matter how sophisticated the drawing technology was. In other words, the digital pen has removed the need for copious amounts of paper.


The fact is that the digital pen is almost impossible to damage. It can take a lot of punishment and still create notes and images through the use of normal pen strokes. These notes and images are stored forever on hard drives, so you don’t have the problem of going back over your notes at the end of the semester, where previously you had to use hundreds of books and pieces of paper, and make sure they were all organised well. Digital technology organises itself, with dates and folders, so you’re completely in control of your learning and also able to access the right notes at the right time with a minimum of fuss. So digital pens are pretty indestructible, and the notes they create will always be there.


There are many advantages to digital pens; but students seem to have the best deal at the moment. The very fact that you can start your undergraduate course with a digital pen and have all your work and your notes on a computer and online for easy access means that the digital pen wins over the traditional pen and paper combination every time.