For many centuries all that anyone needed to write a message was a pen which contained some ink and a piece of paper. So what changed?


Along came a computer and every individual and business were looking to create a ‘paperless office’ where every message could be sent electronically. The use of letters were replaced with emails so today we convert the pen into digital pen.


We are still a distance away from creating the ‘paperless office’ and that is because many people enjoy spending hours transcribing with a pen and paper. So the in-between answer became the invention of the digital pen.


The digital pen or otherwise known as the smart pen using cutting edge technology! So what can it do?


All you need is a pen and paper and you will soon be writing and storing this text on your computer or laptop ready to be transmitted to your chosen location. Your handwritten document can be sent around the world in seconds.


It is the clever sensor that is fitted on the tip of the pen along with a receiver unit that enables this to happen. But to ensure you can see what you have written it has an ink cartridge similar to a normal pen so you can see exactly what you are writing.


So what do you need this type of pen for?


Even if you are very IT savvy, from time to time you will be using a pen and a piece of paper. Just think about the times that you have possibly spent time typing out your meeting notes on a Blackberry or iPhone which if you have done this can be very frustrating especially with a very small keyboard and screen size. You can easily make mistakes. The use of a digital pen and a digital piece of paper means you can write your notes as you would with a normal pen without any disruption to your natural writing flow. Your meeting notes will be jotted down as soon as you have them but are now available on your computer so no need to type out twice.


This is the perfect answer to that in between technology. Once you start using the pen you will not want to be without it.


It is highly important you pick a pen for you and no one else. The tips below will help you find the perfect digital pen for you:


What is your purpose?


If you are a teacher, student or journalist you are likely to require a digital pen/smart pen with advanced features. However if you are an engineer or sales person you are likely to require only basic features.


That is why it is best to research the pen that meets your needs and requirements.