After all, the option to write with a digital pen or other digital documents supplied with digital ink would soon help us transform the way teachers teach as we say good bye to flip charts, blackboard and overhead projectors.


There are lots of benefits of introducing technology to the classroom. We take a look at how the implementation of technology can make the classroom experience more effective and efficient.


Education has transformed over past centuries, with some significant changes been seen. However nothing has been as great as what the modern classroom has introduced. For the first time students have unlimited resources as their disposal and have access to technology that enables them to takes notes and digest information effectively. Before entering the classroom student are overwhelmed and sometimes intimidates by what technology allows them to do.


So why use digital pens or better known as the smart pen in the classroom?

  • Keeps the learner engaged
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Learning continuously
  • Speaks the language of today
  • Prepares them for “technology” based life

We have all sat through endless presentations where the teacher is trying to fill a whiteboard with numbers, text and graphs trying to make sense of it. The digital pen allows the teacher to use a digital writing pad in order to transfer their notes, data and even create perfect graphs from a writing pad direct to a screen. The data can then be saved in PDF or other popular form. This saves the needs to fill the classroom with endless pieces of paper, making the classroom experience more convenient.


When using a smart pen or digital pen there is no need to worry about lost folders, crumpled paper and pens without ink, the pen will never let you down. Furthermore with the vast amount of choice available there is a digital writing solution to meet all budgets and all needs.


So what does the digital pen look like?


You can expect the pen to look like a regular pen but larger than a stylus. It is unique with so many features for the user to enjoy and appreciate. It contains internal electrics such as touch sensitivity, Bluetooth abilities and electronic erasers. Depending on the design and manufacturer there are other features available. With further advancements in technology this smart pen will become the regular pen of choice.


These pens are so versatile and not just used for a standard classroom environment, these also benefit interactive learning. Within an interactive classroom students can see from their computer screen the teachers writing pad. This can do wonders when students are finding it difficult to grasp a subject as the teacher can divert from notes and draw diagrams for all students to view to help them learn the subject just as if they were in a classic learning environment.


So what are you waiting for, don’t wait for your pen to dry out, contact today and find your perfect pen and revolutionise how you put pen to paper.