It’s time for old school thinking when it comes to school and studying in general. A number of schools, especially in greater Europe, are opting to allow their students to use a fascinating new technology that makes things a lot easier for them when it comes to taking notes. The digital pen (or e-pen) is now here to stay, and it actively encourages a strange, archaic activity that many adults though children of this generation would not ever be using: actually writing with a pen on paper.


The majority of schools in the world know full well that technology is their friend. This has meant that they have opted to buy in technology such as laptops and tablets and smart boards. These amazing pieces of technology make it a lot easier for students to access information, and the way the information is presented is often memorable, which leads to better information retention and more aptitude when examinations come around. The tablet in particular is a real bonus for many students, especially younger learners, who like manipulating information and data using their fingers on touch screens. This is fun for them and it is a real benefit in the classroom, where teachers can adapt their lessons so they are exciting and engaging.


Laptops are also still around in classrooms, and their more expansive memory and processing power helps special educational needs students in particular. They also allow for the management of large pieces of software that are specifically designed to help students learn. With the development of super-slim laptops that have processing power and memories that are much larger than they were five years ago, they are a very viable addition to any classroom.


The real find


But the digital pen is the real find. This technology is helping students to pull together information and ideas quickly and easily. And it is also encouraging them to write. Writing is becoming a lost art among adults. They are too used to tapping out details and information on a computer screen or a smartphone or tablet. Ask any adult when was the last time they actually wrote with a pen for pleasure and you would probably get a puzzled look as they realize that it has actually been some time. The digital pen is bringing the act of writing on paper back to the classroom, and children and students are responding in a very positive way.


With a digital pen you make marks on a page, just like you would with a normal pen. These pen marks are then captured by the pen’s technology, and recorded as text or markings on a computer. This allows students to record information quickly, but at the same time enjoy the physical act of writing.


This technology is taking off in schools, but older students at college and university are already finding the benefits of using it. It shouldn’t be to long before the old act of writing becomes something that makes a bit of a comeback in everyday life. Who knows, you may even write a real ‘letter’ again.