As it stands right now, the number of organisations and companies that are moving towards true mobile working is increasing on a weekly basis. This has now been the situation for some time. But recently a large number of businesses have come together to create a forum or group that both celebrates the idea of mobile working and also promotes ideas on how to improve it. Some of the biggest companies in the UK are involved.


The Agile Future Forum includes companies like Ford, ITV, and John Lewis. The idea behind the forum is to create a more competitive United Kingdom when it comes to the global market place. The idea of workforce agility is one that they are trying to promote amongst UK businesses. This, they believe, will help UK businesses become more competitive in the world of business on a worldwide level.


Many misconceptions


Unfortunately, a number of UK businesses hold misconceptions about mobile working. Some of these misconceptions centre around the idea of mobile working meaning that people are exclusively working from home. Obviously, it also means that they can work in any space as long as there is a good and strong Internet access point. Another issue is the idea that managers and directors cannot keep an eye on their employees when they are carrying out mobile working.


This could not be further from the truth. Mobile working is still working that can be monitored by leaders and managers. With the improvements in communication, both through audio and video channels, this means that people can monitor work and support work on a consistent basis, no matter where the employee is.


Another benefit to mobile working is the large reduction that takes place for business costs. This is important to any business. However, it really becomes a major feature when mobile working is integrated effectively into our workplace. Hardware costs, for example, are diminished. There is also no need to have the extra expenditure of renting office space in the real world of bricks and mortar. This means that these huge overheads can be avoided by companies when they are pushing their workforce towards mobile working processes and environments.


Some employers are also realising the benefits of not being restricted to certain geographical areas. When it comes to recruitment, for example, this means that employers can pick and choose from employees from a wide geographical area. This allows them to access a wider pool of talent so that they can ensure they get the very best people for the job.


Mobile working is really taking off. The Agile Future Forum is going to help many businesses in the country develop their mobile working practices so that they are more competitive for the future. This means more revenue and more competition and diversity in the marketplace. A winning situation for everyone involved.