Teachers are perhaps right at the heart of the interactive classroom. They provide the facilitation required fro students to access the curriculum and gain knowledge. If they are not sufficiently ‘wired-in’ to the knowledge they are trying to impart, it will be a fruitless exercise. With the growth of the interactive classroom, and more and more educational settings investing in technology that empowers students beyond anything that people have seen for years, the teacher that has her hand on appropriate data and technology will do the best job. Technology companies continue to develop devices and applications that help with this process. A new app makes it even easier for teachers to navigate the minefield that is modern assessment.


Every day, teachers have to set, mark and assess work. And the sheer number of assessments that governments the world over are demanding is increasing massively, so much so that some teaching professionals are feeling the strain. On top of this, teachers also have to effectively manage the paperwork involved in reporting grades to students. A large part of a teacher’s professional abilities revolves around reporting grades and managing assessment. If they cannot manage this properly, their performance is in question. The only problem is that the data they have to manipulate is complex and dense.


A new app called Braket seeks to remove much of the hurdles that teachers face every day when managing the information they have. Braket has been created by a new startup called Skaffl, and already the feeling about the technology is very positive. The app allows teachers to plan lessons on the go through the interface, which already makes it a real bonus for any teacher who is facing information and pressure overload. This use alone will make it attractive to educators and schools, which are trying to take away some of that pressure.


All doc types


The real benefit with the app is the ability to upload all document types and then quickly disseminate them among the students. While this may seem like a fairly obvious benefit for any document management system, it is rare to find anything close to this kind of functionality on apps that are used in education.


There is also a planned update, which will allow students to flick back and forth between assignments in class. This puts the learning and the assessment management firmly in the hands of the learners, and is a great addition to the app.


Beta testing has been very positive, and people who have been involved in testing process are stating that they find the functionality to be impressive and clean. This is important to teachers, who simply do not have time to be messing around with cluttered screens that do not allow them to navigate easily.


In a busy teacher’s life, the easier things are the better. Braket seems to be an app that can help with that ease of use. And if it assist teachers in managing assessment in a busy interactive classroom, so much the better.