If you are the type of employee that tends to go out on the in the field a lot, and is now a fully fledged mobile worker, you'll need to have a certain set up available to you that ensures that your mobile working is efficient and effective. This means nothing less than setting up a mobile office in whatever hotel room you are situated in. Working out of your hotel room, and having a mobile office, is an art. Some people get it right but some people get it terribly wrong. In this article we will look at how to get it right.


When booking a hotel for your mobile working session, ensure that the hotel offers Wi-Fi. It’s important you understand that not every country in the world has hotels with Wi-Fi. Obviously, undeveloped countries may well not. Also, Japan is notorious for not offering Wi-Fi, but instead expecting mobile workers to have their own mobile Internet connections. It's worth getting an ethernet adapter to ensure that you can plug in to the ethernet system that Japanese hotels would offer, for example.


Think about the computer


You and your employer may need to think about the computer that you use. The obvious first choice is the laptop that they gave you as part of your employment. But there are some computers out there that are more suited to mobile working. The recent Air range from Apple, as in MacBook Air, is a perfect example of a lighter but powerful computer that you can use easily on the go. Tablets are becoming more common as well for mobile workers. You have all the functionality of laptops but they are a lot lighter. If you need to input a lot of text as part of your work, consider making use of the microphones in many of the tablets. There are plenty of apps out there that allow you to speak and record your notes. Also, when using a tablet, or a laptop, consider using a digital pen to record your notes and other text.


Also, look after yourself. If you're working out of your hotel room for a long stretch of time, take a break and pop down to the bar or restaurant and relax. Try to talk to other people. This is not silly, meaningless talk. Unless you engage with people this can affect you on a mental level. You may have a massive to do list, but mobile working is not about working yourself into a stupor. Instead, go out, take in the fresh air and meet people. This will make you feel better and be a better mobile worker.


Mobile working out of hotel rooms can seem quite frenetic and hard work. It is important to have the right equipment and look after yourself. This way you will get the most out of the mobile working culture.