As you know, there are many benefits to mobile working. One of the best benefits that came about recently is the continuously growing uptake of social media in mobile working. This has led to an area of mobile working that is known as ‘social business’. Social business is a relatively new phenomenon, but it is showing people that they can get a lot out of using social media when working on a mobile basis. This article will look at some of the benefits behind social business.


One of the biggest areas that is taking off is virtual meeting software. Colleagues can meet up on specialist software such as iMeet, which allows them to have meetings wherever they are in the world. This increases the social aspect of the workplace and makes business more social in the first place.


This also means that employees can feel that they are part of the team even though they are far apart. This has created many more social businesses even with the advent of mobile working. Software like this is social, and it does mean that people do feel a sense of connection with the people they work with on a daily basis. So even if a group of employees is split up and geographically separate, they can still feel that they are working together on video-conferencing and meeting software like iMeet.


The growth of Basecamp


One of the biggest pieces of software that has really made businesses into social businesses, even those businesses that use mobile working, is Basecamp. This collaboration platform has allowed people pretty much anywhere in the world to share ideas and collaborate with the projects they are undertaking. This means that, essentially, teams are allowed to collaborate and stay social with no geographical limits. One of the biggest concerns about mobile working for employers is that people will drift apart and lose responsibility. With software like Basecamp, which allows for transparent accountability and projects, people can monitor and track work that has been done and share good ideas. Essentially, it's like being in the office even though you're not.


Employers are also finding that they have much more employee retention. By encouraging the use of social tools like Basecamp, employers are effectively saying to their employees that we value you as a team and that we treat you all the same even though you're not in the office. By making people happy through more social working, this maintains the productive aspect of the workforce, even if mobile working has become the new template upon which people work out of.


10 years ago, people would not have been able to understand how employees who work at home on a mobile working basis can still feel part of the team. But social business is growing, and this is all down to software platforms. People are realising that the world is becoming smaller and more flexible, through communications. The social business is here to stay.