Mobile working has become even more of a high profile agenda for companies, as their workers start to ask for mobile apps. A recent study undertaken by Vanson Bourne has found that employees are now more likely to ask for a business-level mobile app that they can install on their own devices than a desktop software application. This means, quite simply, that employees are now, more than ever, open to using mobile applications to get things done. In a fascinating change, it seems the workforce is slowly but surely leaving the office. This concept of workers finally leaving the four walls of the office for good is reinforced by the nature of the apps that are being purchased by companies for their employees.


A huge 60% of the apps that companies purchase are document management apps. These apps allow employees to download, store and edit documents while on the go. There are some very sophisticated applications out there, many of which even allow mobile workers to make scans of documents as they move. This means that a mobile worker is now replacing even the standard equipment that would usually need to be used from behind the doors of a conventional office with a smartphone in her hand.


As if to reinforce further that the traditional elements of a desk are no longer something that you will find in an office, the second most popular app that employees want employers to buy is the diary management app. Here, employees use their smartphones and their tablets to manage their appointments, deal with to-do lists and arrange schedules. All of this can now be done on the move, and this is reflected by the study stating that 44% of the apps bought for employees are diary management apps.




It is all about convenience too. Expenses are a major part of mobile working and they have traditionally been managed before through pen and paper and perhaps the use of bulky laptops. However, 39% of apps now bought for employees by employers are expenses management apps. This means that thee are now mobile workers on the road and at home using apps on their smartphones and tablets to record and submit expenses claims and reports. This, more than anything else perhaps, shows how the mobile worker is using modern solutions for the most traditional elements of working life outside the office.


With the huge increase in people who are actively choosing to work outside the office and also on their own, the scope for mobile app development is huge when it comes to business apps. Some companies are even developing their own dedicated app store to make it easier fro employees to find and purchase the apps they need to get the job done. Employees are happy because there is a measurable improvement in productivity, and employees are happy because it brings flexibility to their working life. Expect this situation to become even more pronounced within the next three years. Mobile working is definitely taking off.