Statistics have showed that mobile workers put around 240 more working hours per year than those who have set shifts at certain workplaces. These figures demonstrate that those who juggle their own workload and use gadgets to hone their productivity are certainly succeeding in what they do. Working on average an extra four hours per week, mobile workers have found innovative ways to manage what they have been assigned whilst working on the go, with the help from such creations as digital pens for taking notes, and keyboards that plug into tablets or smartphones.


mobile workers

The flexibility of mobile workers is one of their key strengths, and possibly the largest contributing factor to their increased productivity away from the office environment. The ability to move between locations and adapt to the environment they find themselves in lends itself to floating between projects, multitasking and jugging a number of different work accounts at the same time. Many mobile workers don’t just work the traditional 9-5; they live and breathe their jobs, often working late into the night, whilst travelling, before breakfast and at the weekend. This means that, although many consider that they don’t have certain working hours, all of their hours can be considered working hours.


The use of gadgets for mobile workers is also beneficial, as they get to hone the areas they feel they need the most help in, rather than use a standard office computer. Those who find they prefer a certain operating system can pick and choose which one they want to use. Many prefer making handwritten notes instead of typing; there are gadgets now which can convert handwritten notes into computer files and electronic text for easy storage and data recall such as the mobile notes pro. Many mobile workers find they reap the benefits of using this type of software rather than a standard office package due to its portability and flexibility.


Mobile workers have proven their versatility, and also proved themselves to be the secret weapon of many workforces.