If you find yourself in the position where you are considering mobile working, whether your employer has agreed to it or it is something you have chosen to do on your own initiative, then you will have to ask yourself a few questions and identify solutions to some problems first. You cannot simply jump into mobile working blindly, but instead have to think about a few issues first. This article looks at some of these issues. By the end of the article you should have a clear idea of how you are going to go about mobile working, and just how it will affect your life and your style of work.


The good news is that all of the main office processes and tasks can be covered through mobile working applications and processes. This means that pretty much anything you can do in an office can also be done on the road or remotely, with the minimum of fuss or stress. Costs are even negligible in some cases, which means that the majority of people should find it easy to adapt their style of working, and even their style of living, to the mobile working agenda.


This has particular relevance to small businesses, which are often looking to mobile working technology to cut overheads and build in versatility to the work that they do. By taking advantage of new technologies small concerns can work from a position where they have hardly any equipment or storage issues, and thus fewer overheads.


Your needs


To create your own mobile working environment, you need to understand what your needs are as regards the working environment. Once you know what requirements you will have as regards your mobile working, you can then build the office features around them.


One question regards data capture. If you know that you need to capture data for later analysis then you have to identify technology that can allow you to do just that. This could mean anything, from scanning technology to simple pieces of software that allow you to identify, manage and use data on a suitable scale.


You also need to identify any need to print out materials. While we would all like the world to be paperless, this is not always a possibility. If you need to have a printer to print invoices or receipts for example, will this mean that you have to acquire a smaller printer so that you can build this versatility into your working habits?


This also applies to scanning. If you need to scan documents, you can always use your mobile device in many scanning situations. If you need something more capable, you may need to investigate mobile scanning options that are of a higher quality.


To truly manage the mobile working lifestyle well, ask yourself questions about what you need to do while you are working, and then use that information to help you purchase the equipment that is appropriate.