With more and more schools announcing plans to introduce iPads into the classroom, it’s fast becoming apparent that digital devices and technical gadgets have a starring role to play in the development of modern education. Technology is now being integrated into life much earlier thanks to child-friendly devices and interactive learning tools such as educational apps. Modernised classrooms are being equipped with the latest technology to help students learn and gain fast and easy access to information.


interactive teaching

Now digital pens, also known as smartpens, are set to add a new dimension to the interactive learning process.


Note taking is a regular part of the classroom experience and has a significant role in the way in which some students learn – many find that content is more easily absorbed when they are actively writing it as opposed to information being featured in ready-made handouts. Digital pens allow the student to make the most of their notes by allowing them to capture and store them digitally for easy access, storing, sharing and sorting later. Pens are easy to use and ergonomically designed to feel and work like a normal ink ball pen. This allows the student to create handwritten notes in their own natural manner and style.


The handwritten notes created with a digital pen are stored instantaneously, allowing quick access on a laptop, PC, Blackberry or Android for revision and review at study time. This allows students to keep track of all class and lecture notes and prevents them getting lost, torn or damaged during revision and coursework season. The move to digitising notes can also bring a sense of order and allows stressed, mess-prone students to get organised, which is an invaluable skill to develop for use in the working world.


The use of digital pens are also instrumental in the move towards interactive classrooms and wider interactive learning ; in the same manner that students can quickly create digital representations of notes, essays or exams, these can quickly be sent to the teacher via email. This helps to cut down on misplaced work, and also provides convenience for the teacher, who may be used to carrying tens of notebooks from class to home in order to mark them.


With the full use of interactive teaching, it’ll also be much easier for teachers to track students’ progress by referring back to previous work. There is also a reduced the risk of plagiarism, an issue that can be rife in schools.


Teachers can also make use of digital pens by using them to create hand-outs and assignments that are then sent to students via email along with all of the lesson’s notes and the assignment. This means even students who are absent from the class itself won’t miss out on the learning material.


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