It is becoming increasingly common to hear about interactive learning being used as a teaching method, to some this may sound like utter nonsense but to others it make absolute sense. Interactive learning allows students to actively take part in what they are learning and engage with the subject in a new different way. It has been agreed for some time that students have different learning styles- not everyone responds to a long stuffy lecture, interactive learning provides an innovative alternative. Interactive learning not only keeps students engaged with the subject matter but also allows them to build skills which traditional learning methods may not do so much to encourage such as team building.


Many automatically assume that Interactive learning involves students being sat in front of a computer all day long which is viewed as a bad thing. But is having students learning via a computer really such a bad thing computers are now a part of everyday life which children are becoming more and more accustomed to and is something they will respond to so surely it makes sense to use it to an educational advantage. To most it would appear that interactive learning is the logical next step for education, children are as accustomed to using a PC or a tablet as past generations were to using a text book. There are very few jobs that don't expect a reasonable amount of technological competency and many rely heavily on interactive working methods therefore interactive learning is providing students with an incredibly valuable basis for the future.


Interactive learning can also work to the advantage of the teachers, different technology can allow them to easily monitor their students’ progress and keep detailed records of their achievements. Therefore whilst some may see interactive learning as an excuse for students to sit at a computer and avoid their work all day, they can still be monitored and checked up on. whilst there are many advantages to traditional learning methods, many still argue that opening a book has a unique charm which a technological device will never be able to replicate, it would seem that as society is become more technologically advanced it is no surprise that the education system has also started to move in this direction.