We all know that mobile working is the way of the future, but some companies have yet to be convinced. We found this amazing infographic that neatly encapsulates all the good points around mobile working. It has a few issues attached to it and a few points that are worth looking at more closely.


The first big takeaway is the fact that 70% of managers reported that there was an increase in productivity when they moved to mobile working. This is a crucial aspect of the infographic, and could well be seen as the headline figure. This shows that managers themselves are switching to mobile working.


What is important here is that productivity is being seen as a true benefit of mobile working. Because employees are more productive, this helps organisations overall, and managers themselves are seeing that mobile working has been completely responsible for productivity increases.


The positive aspects of mobile working


There is another great aspect to the infographic from the employee’s point of view. With 95% of them testifying to the positive aspects of mobile working this is something pretty special. That 95% of people directly links mobile working to motivation to succeed. This is an incredible figure and it shows that the majority of people see the positive aspect of the motivational side of mobile working.


Again, more good news with regard to hours worked. Nearly half the respondents reported that they work longer hours due to the fact that they were carrying out mobile working practices. This means they're more motivated to work and more motivated to get a good job done.


There is also another great takeaway, with many employees actually looking at themselves as being more creative due to the fact that they are working in this flexible manner. Creativity is directly linked to relaxation and a stress-free lifestyle, and mobile and flexible working encourages that, meaning that creativity is increasing.


More creative


Nearly 40% felt they were more creative due to the fact they were working in this flexible way. This has amazing implications for the workforce, because creativity leads directly to better output. If employees are feeling creative, they are more likely to do better work and quicker work. They are also more likely to produce work that is different and pushes a company in a different direction, which all leads to progress and a better experience for everyone.


The final good piece of news from the infographic says that over half of employers find a drop-in absenteeism. Absenteeism directly affects the bottom line and the revenue the company experiences. If more people are absent this can only mean that there is less work being done. Mobile working stops or reduces absenteeism in the workplace.


It is a great infographic because it covers a lot of the issues around mobile working that some employers need to be told about. There are lots of good aspects to the practice, and we hope that, as mobile working because more commonplace, all these benefits are realised by more employers.