Making mobile working happen in your workplace can be quite a headache. If you have been charged with pushing it forward, it is important to remember that a few things need to be borne in mind. If you approach the whole process carefully and with an open mind, you should find that the workforce can be quickly moved towards mobile working with just a little bit of guidance. This article looks at a few things you may need to think about if you are trying to make your workforce more mobile.


Your first problem is the definition of mobile working and the subsequent needs assessment. Do you actually need to have people in your place of work outside the office? Is it essential to have them working away from their desk? The benefits are clear, but are you really ready to do it? If you feel that the various benefits, which include a more productive workforce, more creativity and harder work overall, outweigh the possible disadvantages involved in setting up a new way of working, then it is vital that you push ahead.


It is then important to completely change aspects of what you do. Make your organisation more radical, and do things differently. Adapt an approach where you encourage people to get involved in decision-making about mobile working issues and frameworks. The more you get people involved in the process the quicker it will happen and the more effective it will be. Essentially, you need to create a workforce that owns this next phase in its iteration. If you don’t have ownership then people will not buy into it and they will end up resenting what they are being asked to do. Don’t just assume that people want to work out of the office, many people don’t.


The work of others


It is always worthwhile trying to model your new framework on the work of other organisations and companies. Many companies have gone down the mobile working route, and it will serve you well to see what they are doing and to ask them what problems they may have encountered. By doing this you can prevent any problems from coming up, and if they do arise you will be in a better place to deal with them. It is always good to find out what works and what doesn’t, so reach out to your network to ascertain how best to approach making your workplace and mobile workplace.


Essentially, the more you work around the problem before jumping in, the better. Share ideas with others, and encourage working together to create a solution that everyone is happy with. Mobile working is certainly not for everyone, so you need to be sure that you are approaching it in a positive and consultative way. Also, don’t underestimate the value of the experience that other companies who have done this before can offer you. If a company has created a mobile workforce, they will have experienced problems on the way. Find out what these problems were and you should find your transition is a lot smoother.