We have covered big business and its responsibility for integrating technology in this blog many times, but we found an article today that really illustrated how a business that doesn’t welcome technology and mobile working with open arms is likely to be a business that loses revenue. In this article a writer talks about how he flew on an airline that simply had no power points for his devices. Effectively, he was unable to plug into his workflow and manage any of the tasks that he had to do. This prevented him from completing work and it had exactly the outcome you would’ve expected to have by the end of his flight.


What’s interesting about the article is the fact that the passenger is incredibly angry about his experience. In fact, he is demanding what everyone else is requiring too, the simple ability to plug devices in and work. For many people, Mobile working brings to mind ideas of people working at home or from their car. Slightly more glamorous imagery centres around working in a coffee shop or bar. Not many people think about the fact that a long call flight is the perfect opportunity to catch up on work and deal with e-mails.


Not even any entertainment


As a side note, the traveller didn’t even have the luxury of any in seat entertainment. So not only do the airline let him down as regards his working, they also took away his ability to relax and pass the time with an in-flight movie. Perhaps this is the most extreme example of the business being unplugged, but it does serve to illustrate the impact upon the user of the businesses services. People now expect to be able to plug-in if you are travelling. If they can’t plug in and use their devices something seems terribly wrong.


The traveller discovered that there was indeed a facility for all of the technology that he required but that this was more for the premium travellers rather than standard class travellers on the airline. This highlights the fact that technology is now expected to be available to any demographic, not just executives. People are demanding a democratic approach to technology and accessibility knows no boundaries. The reason why they are thinking this way is because all of us, or at least the majority of us, have at least two devices. We can access the Internet ourselves minute-by-minute and personal devices. To be denied this access because you’re a certain social class or kind of customer seems ludicrous.


Businesses really need to take charge of their technology and manage their offering to customers. Customers are more sophisticated now and the rapid growth of mobile working technology means clear problems if power sources are not available.


So while this airline is not the conventional business on the ground, its experience with this customer shows just how important it is to welcome technology and to embrace it in all it’s work.