Microsoft has spent many years in trying to ensure as many people as possible know that Outlook is still alive and well. For those that use Gmail may find this a bit of a surprise as they have abandoned personal folders and the classic blue screen.


Yet even those that use Gmail can find some reasons in which to consider swapping to Outlook. Some of these reasons may well be compelling enough for mobile working or someone that is used to Microsoft products and trust them.


We take a look at reasons why Outlook outshines Gmail for the mobile worker:


No unwanted adverts


It can be very annoying when you have previously done searches on Google for a new laptop or printer to find that this information gets in the wrong hands and becomes adverts on your email account. The last thing you want as a mobile worker when looking at business emails is to see flashing images/adverts on the latest searches you have carried out. The majority of us have been left with no choice but to live with this intrusion but with Outlook you do not have to!




Ok this may be benefit that is very unlikely to increase your productivity but can make you work more effective. With Outlook you have the ability to view image attachments as a slideshow. This can be fantastic when you have been sent lots of images from a client or colleague and can preview these images before deciding to open. This is just one of many small benefits Outlook has introduced to make email easier to use for both mobile users and personal computer users.


The return of personal folders


You may have moved to Gmail to escape personal folders in the nineties. Gmail may say these are inefficient but you can easily group your emails making it so much easier to sort through your emails. Mobile workers can create folders for clients or particular pieces of work making it easy to identify emails quickly and efficiently.


Support Available


Support can often be very limited for mobile working. Outlook has numerous ways you can make contact if you run into trouble. Contact can include frequently asked questions, email and telephone support. As Outlook is used by millions of people you can also often find the answer to your query on one of many forums available on the internet or ask your colleagues.




Both Outlook and Gmail can open Microsoft Documents with ease but the major difference is file compatibility. Outlook will open the document with the very familiar Word or Excel interface allowing you to download and edit as you need to. There is no need to use Google Docs which transfers your documents into a completely different format.


Social Media


If you have not heard of it, social media is the future and there is no escaping it, unfortunately. Outlook syncs with all your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin contacts. This feature can be very helpful when sending email campaigns or when looking for more information on a contact. Of course you can do exactly the same thing with Gmail but it requires a further add on to be installed which can be time consuming and complex for the non technical individual.


On a final note, based on the benefits available Outlook is the preferred option for many mobile workers. Say goodbye to ads once and for all and enjoy a slicker and enjoyable email experience on the move!