If there is one productivity app or piece of software that gets most people misty-eyed and nostalgic it is Evernote. Evernote has truly stood the test of time, and has been able to update and adapt as many other apps have tried to take its place. It is functional and clean, and simply (in it’s most basic version) allows you to make notes about anything, and include audio and pictures to add other layers of information. Available across platforms and now in different versions too, it has been one of the success stories of recent times when it comes to productivity.


At a recent conference, Evernote introduced a wide variety of new projects that will further enable them to do what they set out to do when they started, which is to effectively bridge the digital and analogue divide. They have so far partnered with companies like Moleskine and 3M to produce products that cross that divide, with the Moleskine project taking advantage of their excellent paper notebooks, for example. The newest ventures further reinforce their position as key note-making solution providers, and one announcement in particular has got the world’s attention, concerning a stylus and how it can be used with a tablet.


New partnership


The company has announced that it has partnered with an Austin based company called Adonit. This new partnership will help them bridge that divide in a more seamless fashion. If someone wants to take written notes on a tablet or a phone, the new stylus the two companies are working together on creating what will be a much better solution, and also allow people to manage their notes more effectively. This is another example of how Evernote plan to work harder to get that digital and analogue gulf narrowed. It also hints at one of the true reasons why the company is so successful. It has something to do with a unique idea called the ‘100 year startup’.


The Evernote company prides itself on wanting to be around in 100 years time, but also wanting to be around and still viewed as a startup. This intriguing idea means simply that they still want to innovate at the level they are now, even 100 years down the road, when technology will be unrecognizable compared to what it is now. This is a bold mission, but it is not unknown as a mission type within the productivity industry.


The productivity industry is so wide reaching, it even has an impact on education, with some schools now using Evernote and other apps like it to help children manage their learning better. The industry practically helps mobile workers to stay in employment, with apps like Evernote, with their ability to sync across devices, making it easy to manage a mobile office.


The future is in apps and software like Evernote, and it is nice to see that they are still committed to making note taking easier than ever before.