At Evernote’s annual conference, which kicked-off on the 26th September, the company outlined their strategy for the coming year, looking towards the evolution of their digital, note-taking service. Whilst Evernote have certainly looked at analogue backup before, they reinforced their commitment to its unique challenges, as well as dropping some rather bizarre announcements into the mix too.


Post-It and Moleskine partnerships


Whilst Evernote have worked with Moleskine before to bring branded notebooks to the market, the conference included an announcement of a new partnership with 3M, makers of the popular Post-It notes. This seems to have come after Evernote’s admittance that there are always going to be occasions where paper is going to be the preference over an all digital approach. With the new Post-It notes, the idea is that you would write your note out, and then scan it into Evernote’s servers using your smartphone camera, where it would then store your handwriting.


Although a complicated procedure, Evernote has had similar practices in place with the Moleskine range of notebooks for a while, and it would seem that successes in that retail space have spurred the decision to plough forward with alternative methods.


Your own Evernote backpack


Whilst the word ‘backpack’, you may think, could be a new term for some sort of digital backup, you would be wrong. Alongside the new Post-It announcements, Evernote also announced a whole slew of other products you could buy adorned with the Evernote logo. Some of these products make sense. How about a Evernote stylus for the iPad? The ‘Jot Script’ stylus definitely seems to be area well suited for Evernote team. But what about a rucksack? Every felt your current rucksack wasn’t the right combination of grey and green? Look no more!


In all seriousness, Evernote also now sell a variety of rather bizarre products on their online market. Alongside a backpack and t-shirt you will also find mens’ business socks. It’s a worrying addition, especially as this is a company which is trying to convince you they have the future of analogue back-up, safely in their hands.


Fierce Competition


When Evernote first started out with their cloud-based note taking technology, there were very few other competitors in the market. However, with competition coming from Microsoft’s Sky Drive, Google Drive, and others which incorporate note taking with automatic backing up, to continue the brands success well into this next decade, they will have to keep the innovation flowing, and at least we cannot fault them of that.


Although Evernote are giving off mixed messages for the future it wants to start to conquer, you have to admire their scattergun approach at this pivotal time in their development. It’s exciting to see a company not afraid to take risks, a company not resting on their laurels; it would have been a lot more worrying had Evernote come out at their annual conference and simply stated that they were going to stay the course for the coming year.