The world of mobile working has changed a lot in just the last few months. Manufacturers of devices keep releasing new iterations of products, so consumers can improve their outcomes as regards mobile working. Mobile phone manufacturers in particular have released many different versions of their products over the last couple of years, including smartphone iterations that can very much run your business from anywhere in the world. However, there has been a more recent development that has really raised the bar for mobile working as regards communication. If you are on the move and working, you will need to communicate with clients and colleagues quickly and efficiently. This is the essence of mobile working, because communication creates outcomes. So the recent news that there is to be a brand-new version of the Smartwatch is very welcome. The Smartwatch concept essentially has your communications device on your wrist. More mobile and more practical than a phone, with a watch you can email, text, and communicate in other ways, all from your wrist. Sounds like the stuff of science fiction? Well, it is now more real then we could ever imagine. Mobile working might just be looking at a new future, and while the functions are still quite limited, there is plenty of scope for improvement.


Apple, the technology giant, has been talking about a smart watch for a few years now. They promised to deliver a watch that has a lot of functionality inside its casing. This includes email, messaging and potentially Internet browsing. Apple are well known for producing groundbreaking products, but another company is close behind them. They spoke this week of their version of a smart watch, which they feel can prove to be a competitor to Apple's version.


Enter Samsung


Samsung are fast becoming giants of the consumer electronics world. One of their vice president's recently announced that they are indeed working on their own version of the smart watch, one which they hope will rival apples. This smart watch has plenty of functionality, according to the vice president. The watch has been a product subject to many rumours for some time. It is apparently going to be called the Galaxy Altius. However, this is the first time that a senior executive has confirmed that the watch is going ahead.


The executive, speaking to Bloomberg, did not give too many details away. However, industry insiders are already talking about the fact that it will provide many of the features of smartphones that we are used to using on a daily basis. This means using email from your wrist. The potential here for mobile workers is immense. If you rely heavily on email, then using a watch and not much else will prove to be the way forward. Many sales people for example, often use email to communicate with clients on a regular basis. Having email on your wrist means that you can travel lighter and communicate faster than you would if you had to carry around a laptop. A smart watch is even quicker to use than a smartphone. Well, that is the hope anyway.