Digital pens have long been an established part of many classrooms and lecture rooms across the globe. This is because educators are realising the potential behind the devices, which can literally transform the note-taking abilities of students. They have also been very useful in special educational needs contexts, because they take a lot of the cumbersome writing work out of the hands of students. However, there are also other ways and contexts in which these devices can be used, and in this article we look at some of the newer strategies that teachers are beginning to utilise.


One key method of improving the educational possibilities behind digital pens is to create revision lessons for students. With the work they do on the page being stored as notes, students can pass on these notes to their teachers, or teachers can quickly create their own notes around a topic. Then, at a later point, whole revision lessons can be created around those notes, helping students to succeed by working with notes that they themselves created. This intensifies the learning and allows for a situation where students have more ownership over their academic progress.


Teaching others


One other way in which teachers are truly realising the potential of digital pens is by encouraging students to teach others. What they are doing is asking students to take the digital pen and paper out of the classroom after they have completed the set work. Then the child creates their own teaching lesson using the digital pen and then re-enters the learning environment to share their lesson with their peers. Teachers are finding that the use of use of the pen allows for some very creative lessons to be delivered by students. This further enriches their own learning as well as the learning of their peers.


Another excellent way in which teachers use digital pens is by having an able student create a master set of notes while the lessons are ongoing. This set of notes can then be used for revision for other students or to help students who have missed classes and need to catch up. This is a particularly effective way of helping those who need to catch up on their work and also helping those who can enhance learning through creating notes for their peers.


Schools are also finding that there is a very positive by-product when it comes to teachers too. Teachers who are hesitant with digital equipment find that using a digital pen is a great way into technology. Teachers are not fazed by using a digital pen because it is so similar to something they have used for a long time. It is a great way into using technology to enhance learning for those teachers who are resistant to using more up-to-date equipment.


Educational settings continue to use digital pens in an exciting way. Taking on the challenge of using digital pens with the learners and both teachers is a clear sign that schools and colleges are moving forward with their progress.