Communication is an important part of just about any job; but it is especially important when mobile working. First of all mobile working relies heavily on a trusting relationship between employers and employees and communication is key to maintaining this relationship. When you do not see someone every day in order to keep track of what it is they are doing there can be some amount of doubt as to what it is they are spending their time on. However if you maintain regular contact with them it can allow some peace of mind to all parties that the work is on track and being completed properly.


Any requirement to maintain this level of contact with someone who is working remotely may seem like a daunting task. However, there is really is no need for it to be so daunting. Technology is creating more and more ways to maintain communication and it is becoming increasingly more accessible. As smart phones and tablets are becoming more and more common place so are the myriad of Cloud-based communication technologies which is now making it easier than it has ever been. People literally have Skype phone calls, Apple FaceTime video calls, Gmail for Business emails, DropBox file sharing and Trello instant messaging all at their fingertips twenty four seven.


Conference calls and video conferences are invaluable resources when working remotely; if the work involves multiple parties, software such as Skype can be used regularly both for business purposes and domestic, whilst similar software is now customary on most mobile phones which means that you can participate from pretty much anywhere with a mobile signal. Products like Google Apps for Business or Microsoft Office 365 allow people to share calendars which enable everyone to be kept up to date with schedules and deadlines, for example you can get automatic alerts if there is a change to a deadline or a work schedule. Similarly file sharing enables work to be shared and monitored with minimal hassle, software such as Evernote or Dropbox means that multiple people can have access the same files meaning that there is no longer a need to send multiple emails backwards and forwards which can be time consuming and confusing.


Mobile working can be incredibly valuable to both businesses and individuals and maintaining a high level of effective communication ensures an equally high level of productivity. Utilising the software and technology available means that communication needn’t be time consuming whilst also being extremely cost effective all of which means that it can be beneficial to everyone involved.