The modern workspace has begun to adapt. To understand how incredible this is just flash back to five years ago. No one would have imagined bringing in a device like an iPad to work with in the office. It was just too disruptive and even a little bit far-fetched. Back then desktops were all the rage and that is what everyone worked on, from the CEO to the simple operative. This was not due to change and no one really saw a reason why it had to change. Then, mobile working began to take on a different level of importance, and now people from all over the world in multiple industries are choosing to take their own device into work with them. It even has it's own acronym (BYOD –Bring your own device) so it obviously has a place in popular culture and the modern workplace. The best news is that the modern workplace is now showing signs of accommodating the people who bring their own device into work. This is an excellent development because it means that devices are more easily used. It is a true sign that the modern employer now understands that people genuinely want to use their tablets and phones at work.


The first thing is all about the docking stations. Mobile devices need to dock to charge up and be ready for work and employers are taking this into account in the way they set up the working environment. For example, there is an increasing number of conference room set ups in the modern workplace that include docking stations for employees to place their devices and get them charged. This means that employers are actively noting that the devices are often used for note-taking and other key aspects of corporate life. This is a step forward and was certainly not the case five years ago.




Another key aspect of this big change is the fact that many employers are also allowing for devices to be in place that create a situation where people can display what is happening on their mobile device. This means that employees can create presentations or messages on their mobile device and then show them to the group at the workplace. This could be a full-blown sales presentation to a key audience of decision-makers or it could be a short message that people want feedback on. Whichever it is it shows that the workplace is accommodating the mobile working phenomenon.


Workplaces are now becoming places that are accommodating modern mobile working technology, It has been a long time coming but the upshot is clear: once this becomes even more common, people will rely less upon the resources that the workplace gives them and much more on the machines and devices that they have at home.