Every day technology takes a new turn in how it changes and improves our lives. From the latest tablet to the newest digital pen that enables children in schools to make notes quicker and more effectively, there are plenty of developments in the world of technology that further increase our quality of life across the board. This is also having an impact upon retail, where shoppers who actually go to real-world stores on the high street are expecting the same kind of technology that they have at home so that they can make their shopping decisions quickly and easily. Most shops have grasped this with both hands and pushed forward into the 21st century. Some haven't. One shop in particular has just caused a stir by moving, finally, towards more modern technology as part of it’s retailing process.


Argos are famous as a chain of stores that have always had catalogues in their stores that shoppers can peruse as they make their buying decisions. This has always been the case with Argos, and they are famous for it, and even perhaps loved for it. One particular aspect of this reliance upon traditional technology has meant that Argos customers had to use pens to make their order choices as they were in the store. The store is famous for being a catalogue shop, literally a place where shoppers come in off the high street and look for a catalogue and then make their choices.


Famous for the wrong reasons


However, Argos were famous for possibly the wrong reasons. They always had small blue Biro pens that shoppers could use on little pieces of paper to take their orders on. This quaint old school way of doing things is finally hitting the heap, as Argos are now planning to introduce touchscreen tablets so that customers can make their choices about what to buy. This should also speed up the process of buying a product in Argos.


This doesn't mean it has been universally welcomed. Many customers have, while not exactly complained, been quite upset about the fact that the little blue pens and the sheets of paper are going from the stores. It is actually quite surprising it has taken this long, and the system itself was antiquated and subject to many errors, many of which were human errors.


We welcome this change in approach from Argos. It is important that customers receive the very best technology to help them make purchasing decisions. It's also important that the systems are in place to build efficiency and productivity among the workforce within Argos. Touchscreen tablets to make choices are very important, and they will improve revenue and profit overall. Argos is a massive company and it has massive profits year-on-year. It's about time that it matches this particular success with high-quality technology.