The sheer volume of technology development can leave many of us spoilt for choice. But if you look for them, simple, cost and time-effective digital solutions are all around, often with a brand new way of doing something mundane. Take the digital pen for example. In a world populated by iPads, wireless keyboards, digital keyboards, smart phones, lap tops and netbooks, you might think the humble pen had been left far behind, relegated to the archives. The advent of the digital pen means it’s time to think again.


digital pen

If this is your first glimpse in to the world of digital pens, our indispensable guide will help you choose a pen that suits your needs and makes putting pen to paper a little more futuristic, a little bit cooler and a lot more fun.


For a comprehensive digital data capture solution, we recommend the mobile notes pro kit. This has everything you need to be able to write, save and transfer your notes and sketches with ease. Simply attach the small base unit to the page you intend to write on, and use the ink-filled, rechargeable digital pen to write. Once completed, connect the base unit to a PC via USB cable and you’ll be able to see your notes in the pen’s sophisticated partner software, MyScript.


MyScript is fast becoming essential software for those who wish to keep the natural flow of handwriting without compromising on time efficiency and versatility. Once your text has been inputted into MyScript, it’s a simple case of transferring it to your chosen document. 30 different languages are supported by the software, including Arabic, Chinese, Hindi and Japanese. Notes can be imported into Microsoft Word or Excel with ease, making the process of taking notes easier than ever before.


mobile notes pro can also be used for more creativity-based needs – sketches can be captured and when connected to a PC, the pen can be used as a mouse in design-led programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Inkscape.


mobile notes pro is also smartphone-friendly, and will allow users to enable Bluetooth in order to transfer data across to Blackberry and Android phones. It’s a simple and sophisticated way of making sure you’ve got all the information you need at hand.


With brilliant features, easy to use instructions and versatility, it’s bound to become an interactive learning essential and lecture hall staple for students that want to be able to access their notes quickly without having to trawl through stacks of old pages. It’s also great for business meetings and will cut down on time and expense spent on typing up notes to pass on to colleagues or to keep on file for future reference.


If you have any questions about mobile notes pro or any other digital pen product, drop us an email or give us a call on 020 3005 9727.