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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 27 Reviews

Really useful in ICT lessons by ictgeek on 01/31/2014

I have found the epens mobile board plus to be very helpful in my ICT AS lessons and my computer science lessons as students can interact by answering questions via the board. This engages the students to take part and at the end of the lesson I can print out copies of the work they have done for them to keep.

saved me a good ½-1 hour by George Adam on 11/26/2013

I used my ePen on Tuesday for the first time. I am impressed. It saved me a good ½-1 hour when writing up my meeting minutes. I am sure with practice that it will be an even greater time saver.

minutes in a minute! by klm on 07/26/2013

When i wanted a product to speed up minute taking i orginally tried an ipad dictation app (dragon) but its no good in a meeting with everybody talking over each other etc! When i purchased the pen about a year a go it was the only epen that i could find that had the function to convert to word, email, etc. A lot of the others would record the audio etc. not sure if that is still the case now. I use pro notes for writing meeting minutes and even when its not 100% accurate (i have messy writing when i rush) its still saves time. I would be interested in trying the ipad version. Also, I haven't used the sketching part much but i've had a mess around with it and its simple to use.

Brilliant Product by Johnny on 06/25/2013

Saves so much time recording my notes. Quick and easy way to record ideas/sketches/creativity. Easy to use and understand. Handy case which is easy to carry around with all bits I might need, and its not too big!

Very useful product - Excellent post sales support by Chris on 06/21/2013

This product is extremely easy to use, the conversion to editable format works smoothly with very high accuarcy level. I;ve used this in anger for quite some time and would recommend it highly.

TechRadar review - published 18 Jan 2012 by Toby on 06/16/2013

The idea of writing on a piece of paper for it then to appear on your Mac as ready-to-edit text is intriguing. That goes especially for anyone who has taken notes and had to type them up when they're next sat at their Mac. The E-pens Mobile Note Digital Pen for Mac isn't a unique product. But it has an advantage over one of its nearest competitors, the Livescribe Echo Smartpen, because it's able to use any piece of paper to record your handwritten notes. (The Livescribe Echo Smartpen needs you to write on specially marked paper.) Please see their website for the full review here:

Mac by J.Bird on 06/16/2013

Finally there is a digital pen for Mac

Great in Lectures by James on 06/16/2013

The mobile digipad is working really well. I had a day of lectures yesterday and was pleased to find everything uploaded nicely.

The Gadgeteer review: e-pens mobile digipad pro review on DECEMBER 7, 2012 by BILL KUCH on 06/16/2013

I’m sure there are many people who could benefit from the ability to download and convert their notes and drawings to a PC for subsequent distribution via email or social networks. The digipad pro is a device that does it very well. Read more at

The Scotsman - Published on Thursday 27 October 2011 by Josh Welensky on 06/16/2013

I’ve been procrastinating over writing my brother’s best man speech for a few weeks now. With the cursor on a blank Word document goading me with its ever blinking presence – I was keen to try a new approach. Mobile Notes Pro from E-pens promises to minimise time in front of your PC by maximising time away from it. In a nutshell, it converts anything you write or draw into a digital file which can be uploaded to your PC and converted into text or image files. Please see their website for the full review here:

The digital product review by Ian Dixon on 06/16/2013

There are some occasions that you want to take notes on paper and be able to have them stored on a PC. I was sent a digital pen for e-pens so I thought I would give it a try. The pen enables you to capture hand written notes either as they are written directly into their app or can captured and downloaded later. It works by using a special pen and receiver combined with an application that handles the transfer and text recognition. You clip the receiver on to the top of your paper and then write using the pen as it transmits the pen strokes back to Windows. As well as using it for text input you can use it as a mouse pointer and Windows sees the pen as a tablet input device so you could use it with applications like OneNote, or add text to images. I managed to use it with Powerpoint and add annotations to the document. Please see their website for the full review here: Link to review:

This little marvel will save you time and energy and your fingers will thank you for it! Never has there been a more useful pen and the fact that it's Android compatible is the icing on the cake. by Heavenly Android on 06/16/2013

Android phones are becoming as indispensable as your PC, an integral part of your working/social/home life. As more companies are realising the power of Android, more and more useful accessories are becoming available. e-pen is a new Android compatible device to add to a fast growing list. Have you ever needed to type up some notes on your PC at an inconvenient time? The best you could manage was to scribble whatever info on a piece of paper to be typed up later on. There is a strong chance that on numerous occasions you simply didn't get round to this task or even mislayed your handwritten notes. Not good! Please see their website for the full review here: Link to review =

Brilliant gadget! Really happy with it! by Melinini on 06/16/2013

Brilliant gadget! Really happy with it!

Excellent service and product - recommended by Oldhealboy on 06/16/2013

Excellent service and product - recommended

C. Hatwell - UK by "It is - in fact it is brilliant!" on 06/16/2013

It is - in fact it is brilliant! - Have used it quite a bit now. Mostly for making notes from my evening class.

I find the e-pen revolutionary by Mike on 06/16/2013

The e-pens mobile notes has been a life changer. I used to spend a great deal of time retyping meeting notes. Now I use this device and everything I write is stored as handwriting and converted to text (which makes it searchable for future reference). Would recommend the e-pen.

Very usefull by Greg on 06/11/2013

I have two pen and i solve my problems to save my notes from the University to pc at home. I love them!!!

Very surprised how useful it is by Robin on 06/10/2013

Mines is the none rechargeable one but found it so use full i going to upgrade as i use it so much should of bought one before Thank you

Resting your hand by jhillary on 06/10/2013

Resting your hand on the screen while you write way more comfortable if you write lots

even better than the last by A&E on 06/08/2013

This is the second e-pen I have had, I used the first so much I convinced myself I needed to upgrade. Love the rechargeable pen I got with this pro version and the myscript software seems better!

Great for teaching and preparing tuition material by Uniuser on 06/07/2013

The e-pen is a must have when preparing additional lecturer material such as video and podcasts. I also used the e-pen in 1-1 online tuition. It is fast and easy to set up so no hassles across the University network.

really helpful to me in history lessons for source analysis by Sally123 on 06/07/2013

The epens unit has been really helpful to me in history lessons for source analysis. Students are able to pass the unit around and annotate or circle sections of sources. We can then save and print copies for them all to put in their books - this saves a lot of time and has had a positive impact on their engagament with sourcework.

excellent product by Mil on 06/07/2013

its says and does everything as promised. excellent for office work and notes on the run , i like the option using the pen as a mouse. amazing and i would recommend it

Excellent, Really worked in primary school by ITSmartie on 06/07/2013

Bought this product for Primary school to use with some of the kids struggling to write eligibly, This has helped them develop and can now write clearly. School highly recommend this and so do we.

Grab and go by Tom on 06/04/2013

I love the fact I can just grab the folder and go

Pro for Mac by Jack on 06/04/2013

This product has the flexibility to work on my pc and mac. Great service too- thanks

Review of the mobile digipad pro by Trusted Reviews by Trusted Reviews on 04/27/2013

No matter how far we move into the digital age, we just can't seem to get rid of the good old pen. From graphics tablets to stylus interfaces to handwriting recognition, the tool that's mightier than the sword sticks with us tenaciously. Today we're taking a look at a peripheral that combines the best of both worlds: e-Pens' Mobile Notes, a digital pen with ink that can write on normal paper too... Please see their website for the full review here:

e-pens Ltd is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 27 user reviews.