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Based in the UK, e-pens ltd are a leading manufacturer of digital pen technology with a range of products that can be used in conjunction with Windows PCs, Mac OSX, Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad, iPod touch devices.

The e-pen range, which includes digital pens, boards and digipads, are popularly used by those who constantly need to take notes or sketch diagrams that they will then be able to upload and store. Using unique software in conjunction with the digital pens, users are able to save and back up their notes to an electronic device, which converts the real handwriting to formatted, editable text able to be exported to popular programs like MS Office and Outlook. Whether drafting emails with a digipad on a train to a meeting, or recording an important interview for accurate transcription and perusal at a later date, the e-pen range has changed the way many organisations operate entirely. Industries such as the media, healthcare, marketing and sales have already reaped the rewards of installing e-pens’ products at their place of work, and are cutting down on paper, saving themselves time and creating safe and secure back-ups of all their important notes.

e-pens are also heavily involved in the education sector, with many of their products being rolled out in schools across the country. The recently launched mobile board plus allows teachers to control their electronic boards whilst moving around the classroom. The combined virtual whiteboard and PC is ideal for classroom environments, with teachers no longer confined to one computer at the front of a room. These innovations are making education more exciting and accessible for children, and many of the products already used in schools have had excellent feedback from teachers and other members of staff.

All of the products available from e-pens have a range of features and additional software that facilitate efficiency and convenience when making notes remotely. Being able to annotate directly into MS Office documents is a function that many organisations find incredibly useful, whilst the MyScript recognition software can convert notes into thirty different languages, adapting to each individual’s handwriting over time.

The ease of use and the hundreds of different applications that a digital pen can fulfil have made e-pens an industry leader in this fast moving sector.