One of the most recent developments in teaching technology has to be the interactive mobile whiteboard. Parents, teachers and students have all given absolutely overwhelmingly positive feedback on this remarkable tool that enables learning to be an interactive activity.


What can the mobile interactive white board do?


Whether you want to run a presentation, control your computer or allow a student to write an answer on the ‘blackboard’ the mobile board allows continual control of your classroom technology.


You can use the board to:

  • Control your mouse
  • Move backwards and forwards through Powerpoint presentations
  • Make annotations on your presentations and save them for later
  • Get interactive with students by handing them the board to write on – it will be communicated to the front larger board
  • Use the 25m Bluetooth signal

Makes notes that can be digitally converted into text


This mobile board can also be used to make notes that can be digitally converted into text. It really is a versatile classroom and education aid. Upload the notes through your USB cable or even through Bluetooth, and you won’t have to write up tonnes of notes to present to the next class. It’s already been done for you.


You can write in up to 30 different languages


If English isn’t your mother tongue, then the mobile whiteboard can still help you out. The software that converts the handwriting can handle 30 different languages including Chinese, Hindi, French, Russian – take your pick. You can then use the converted text in any of your computer applications such as Word, Evernote, Docs or Dropbox.


There are many types of Whiteboards present in the market but the mobile board plus is one of the leading models. mobile board plus allows students to write on the blackboard from the comfort of their own desk. It also allows you to control your computer mouse from it which means that presentations can be controlled by the presenter without needing to carry a laptop with him across the stage.