We thought we would take another look at Evernote, since it happens to be the very best app available today for note-taking, and therefore has huge impact when it comes to mobile working. The very fact that you can us it to make and share notes on the go creates a situation where it is becoming very much invaluable for anyone who has to be out of the office or just working at home and living a less structured lifestyle. What follows is a simple three reasons why Evernote is the best thing ever to happen to mobile working since, well, the mobile.


One good thing about Evernote is that it makes your devices much more useful. There isn’t anything particularly ground-breaking about this other than that it makes life more fun. You can use the camera on your phone to snap picture that can be converted into notes, and even record audio notes using the Evernote app, that quickly become indispensable. Using an audio note to record vital information while you are on the go is incredibly satisfying, and it makes your mobile working a lot easier. From details about a meeting you have just attended to thoughts for your next book, audio notes make your devices suddenly more useful than ever before. And the way Evernote keeps them all tidy and organised is simplicity itself.


It is literally everywhere. This means that you are never far from any kind of contact with your notes. On your phone, your desktop and your tablet, and even in some cases your TV, you are always just one step away from all of your notes. This means it has become very useful as a note-making tool. It is literally like having your office everywhere you go, which is of course something that appeals to the person who is very much ‘mobile working’.


Notebook sharing is highly effective


Perhaps most importantly for mobile working, you can also share notebooks with other people, and allow them to alter or adapt these notebooks. This means you can carry your work in progress with you wherever you go, and literally have it changed and dealt with as you move. This is what fits in perfectly with mobile working, because it doesn’t matter where you are. You could start a piece of work in one country and liaise with team members and colleagues in another country, the piece of work can change and be finished in the country you started in when you return later in the week. And you will not have had to go anywhere near a meeting.


Evernote seems to fit the framework of mobile working perfectly. It seems to be the ideal tool for creating content and developing workflows that do not need to be tethered to an office or geographical location. What we like the best is the fact that Evernote continues to be refined and to have more products added to it. It only seems to be getting better.