Digital pen technology has come a very long way since the early days, when pens were literally wired up to computers to facilitate the transmission of data. These days, there are many different kinds of e-pens, but they are all effective and they all help people to manage and transmit data easily. The sheer value that these devices bring to an organisation or an individual cannot be exaggerated. Take, for example, the student sitting in a lecture theater, and who is not allowed to bring in a laptop to make notes. Having an e-pen means that written notes can be made, stored, and then transmitted to their laptop at a later point. This brings high quality digital notes to their learning experience. The digital pen has thus become an indispensable aspect of learning. It is also used in other spheres, such as the corporate world, where businesspeople feel they want to take written notes during a meeting but also have a digital copy to back up the concepts and ideas they have been listening to. The e-pen has been found to be useful in medical sectors too, with nurses using them to record patient data while on the move. All in all, the e-pen is really beginning to find it’s place as a key feature of modern life.


One key aspect of the digital pen that fans of the device really appreciate is the fact that it still allows them to feel like they are writing. This is important because so many people are still reluctant to give themselves over to the modern digital processes, such as touchscreen technology. Writing, like reading, is in danger of becoming a ‘lost art’, and the e-pen helps to shore up the value of using an instrument to make marks on a piece of paper. It’s comforting to many that the basic process of writing is still very much alive and well.


Faster too


It can also be a lot faster than using a tablet or laptop to make notes and capture data. For many people, using their pen to write and make notes is infinitely preferable because it is quicker than finding keys on a keyboard or letters on a screen. Simply writing out the information on a piece of paper for later use is quicker and easier than using a tablet or laptop. It is also preferable to audio note making, because using a pen to secure ideas on paper is easier due to the fact that it allows for thinking time.


The e-Pen has thus become something rather indispensable for the customer. While there are obvious benefits for students, it has been a little surprising to see that large institutions like hospitals are taking on the technology so happily. However, the fact that people are responsive to the physical act of writing is heartwarming, and proof that e-Pens are filling a void for anyone who needs to take notes but just cannot make the tablet and laptop framework a positive option. Expect to see the e-pen go from strength to strength in ten next few years.