With the increase in people who are choosing to work from home or to follow mobile working practices, the number of apps and software platforms that are designed to help you do so is increasing too. One of the most popular and effective platforms available today for mobile working is Skype. Skype allows you to be in touch with your teams and with your co-workers on a consistent and regular basis. It also allows you to monitor the work of other people, and to have video conferences and meetings that allow for the face to face element of successful business meetings to happen.


However, there are certain aspects of Skype that need to be carefully looked at. Skype can work wonders for any business, and for many mobile workers it is the cornerstone of what they do. They use it on an almost religious basis. To get the best out of the platform, consider the following ideas.


The first concern with Skype is that you use the status facility accurately. The worst thing that can happen when you are meant to be working at home for example, is for someone to interrupt what you are doing. You need to set your Skype status to the right setting so that people know they can either contact you or leave you alone. If you are in the middle of something, like you are creating a important document or you are actually involved in a bit of video conferencing anyway, set your setting to ‘do not disturb’. This will stop people from trying to get in touch with you. You will be surprised how many people actually respect the do not disturb setting.




If you are generally available and you do not mind people getting in touch no matter what you are doing, set your status to ‘online’. This does mean that if you are a busy person in work generally, you will tend to receive many different attempts at communication. Be careful with the online status setting, because if you are available, people will try and reach you. So use it carefully.


You can also use Skype's famous mood setting to your advantage. One way of making sure that your employers know that you are actually working is to change the setting to reflect your actual testators at that time. If you are at the coffee shop but still working, set your Skype mood status to ‘at the coffee shop but working’. This shows your bosses that you are actually doing what you are supposed to be doing. Using mood status when mobile working means that you can also add some context to your work. This allows people to know how your day runs so they can better access you and have sensitivity to what you are doing.


Skype is an excellent tool for mobile working. Just treat it with respect and be sure to use the settings on the platform to your best advantage.