Mobile working continues to develop, and it continues to be an attractive prospect for many employees. The logical step for many, it seems, is to ask the employer for the opportunity to work from home. However, this does not always mean that the employer will say ‘yes’ of course, and this doubt is causing some employees to shy away from making such a request. It seems that many employees don’t feel confident enough to ask their employer if they can change their work style in this way. A piece of research by webexpenses has found that the current picture of mobile working or working from home is not as simple as one might expect.


The first piece of research that jumps out at you is the fact that one third of employees feel that their employer will see them in a bad light if they ask to work remotely. Even with all of the technology that has made mobile working and remote working so accessible, it seems that people just cannot drum up the courage to ask their boss for the opportunity.


We were rather amazed at the next point the article draws out from the research, that 40% of bosses see the benefits of mobile working. This is an incredible piece of data, and illustrates how the employers themselves are appreciating the advances in technology, including aspects such as digital pen technology and tablet technology.


This intriguing article focuses also on the benefits that mobile workers actually see for themselves. Over half, according to the article, see that they could save time on the daily commute through mobile working. The comment from the co-founder of webexpenses seems to sum up the situation accurately, especially when he talks about the ‘Victorian’ attitudes.


The cultural disconnect is a real thing, and something that companies should be worrying about if they are in any way focused on improving profits in the future. Companies and the employees who work for them are currently sitting far apart as regards understanding each other on mobile working. If an employee is nervous about asking to work remotely there is something wrong with that, and that needs addressing.


The best way for a company to make progress when it comes to mobile working is to develop a policy on the issue. Once a policy is in place then employees are able to work out where they stand and what options they have as regards mobile working. This will then help to create more positive culture as regards mobile working in the modern workplace


However, it seems things are very much at a kind of crossroads as regards mobile working and employers, but the financial rewards available for companies that manage it certainly outweigh the work involved in securing a manageable mobile working policy in an organisation or business.