It is hard to find anyone these days who would try and counter the argument that mobile working is helping to boost productivity and effectiveness. The number of companies that encourage their employees to work smarter in this way is increasing on a weekly basis, and employees themselves value the impact it has upon their lives. There are still wrinkles that need ironing out though, as this new way of working undergoes what are still very much growing pains. A recent survey shows some interesting insights into just what people think about mobile working, and the extent to which it is having an impact upon professional lives across the country.


The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) developed the report, and it focused on the responses of executives primarily, and some mobile security figures. The findings were extraordinary. The study showed that 49% of executives felt that mobile working was actively ‘boosting innovation’ in their lives. This feeling that mobile working was helping their productivity and effectiveness was further reinforced by two more findings, with executives stating that they were more ‘on top of their jobs’ (39%) and ‘more efficient’ (37%). Overall, these findings show that executives generally see mobile working as a major shift forwards in their personal effectiveness.


Improves communication


Companies will be happy to hear about the executives and their perspectives on the way mobile working helps their communications and overall corporate life. The executives that were surveyed felt that mobile working was making their company ‘more dynamic and innovative’ (49%). This shows that executives feel that mobile working is having a deep and long-lasting impact upon the way their companies operate. This is interesting because it shows that mobile working can have an organisational impact as well as an individual one. This positivity was further reinforced by the feeling that mobile working ‘improved communication’ in companies (42%).


The one area where companies appear to be falling down a little is personal devices. Many employees still want to bring their personal devices to work with them, but some companies are still finding it challenging to manage the issue of personal devices in the workplace. The problem is not with the devices themselves, but rather how best to integrate them with the work and security needs of the company. Interestingly, 50% of respondents felt their company provided apps that were related to their jobs. This shows that more and more companies are making the effort to address the fact that employees are bringing their own devices to wok. Having some space on those devices is obviously important to those companies, or at least becoming more important than it was.


However, only just 51% of respondents stated that the IT support for their own personal device at work was strong. This means that there is still a kind of divide between the work devices and their own. So while the area of mobile working is growing quickly, there is still some way to go when it comes to full integration between employee devices and work-based devices.