The digital pen has already proven to be an amazing piece of technology that is incredibly useful for people in various situations. For example, it is used widely in the education sector by students who want to keep notes and also communicate those notes for storage. Many schools in the world, especially those schools with more senior students in them, are finding that supplying their children with digital pens to take notes can make a huge difference to the levels of progress. This is most apparent with special educational needs children, who sometimes find it difficult to take notes.


However, news has just come out of a truly inspirational use of digital pens, one which has already possibly saved lives. The digital pen can be used for many things, but one of the best uses it has is the transmission of information quickly to another source.


Livestock farmers in Kenya often have to deal with the reality of their cattle suffering from diseases. If they suffer from diseases then it could quite easily be the case that these diseases could spread quickly and cause many livestock to die. Even if the livestock don't die there could be increased costs in medical attention, and even the chance of infection of the food chain.


Recording with a digital pen


What has happened is that Kenyan farmers are finding that if they record information of an outbreak of the disease using a digital pen, they are able to send this information quickly to the country's capital so that the country’s authorities can deal it with. This saves a massive amount of time.


In the past, information of an outbreak had to be recorded on paper and then carefully duplicated before being sent out to the relevant authorities. This unfortunately meant that the process could last up to 3 weeks. Currently, Kenyan farmers are finding that doing it with a digital pen makes for a much quicker process than was previously realised.


Now, if a Kenyan farmer notices an outbreak, all he or she has to do is record the information about the outbreak with a digital pen. Within around 10 seconds, the information is then transmitted to the authorities in the Canyon capital.


This has a tremendous impact upon the livelihoods of canyon farmers. It means that there will be less sick or ill stock, and also that there is a smaller chance of an outbreak of diseases spreading further and infecting other cattle, which could mean disastrous consequences.


You can read the full story in this article here. What is important about the story is to remember that these Kenyan farmers are using the latest Digital pen technology to improve their lives. This is inspirational stuff, and adds an extra level of quality and effectiveness onto the digital pen story. The fact that these pens are actually saving lives means that their place in the world is now guaranteed. Useful and practical, these pens are the very best way to send information quickly, especially in rural areas.