There are a large number of note taking apps out there at the moment, and all of them are perfectly suited to the mobile worker. One of the most famous apps available is Evernote, but it is not the only one by any means. In this article we will look carefully at another note taking app that should make it easy for the mobile worker to create notes and share notes quickly and effectively. The app is called Vesper, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular note apps on the marketplace.


The main selling point for this app is that it is simple. Once you are in the app and using it you will find that it couldn’t be simpler. Everything seems to flow quickly and easily, and the app seems to be designed around the concept that the user has a thought and then instantly has it on the screen. It is similar to Evernote in the sense that it works at such a quick pace, but we feel it is even simpler to look at and less stressful when it comes to visuals. While Evernote is good for the mobile worker in many ways, it does have a lot going on the screen.


Drag and drop


The biggest area in which this is obvious is in the drag-and-drop feature. You can literally drag thoughts around on the screen and drop them into areas, which designate their importance to you. This means that it’s not just a note taking facility, but also one that can help you prioritise your to-do list. This makes it a little different to Evernote, in that it becomes more of a productivity app than a note-taking app. We think this is one of the best things about Vesper, and is possibly the way forward for this kind of app. If developers get it right, we should soon see a perfect meld between note taking and productivity. Vesper seems to be halfway there.


Just like Evernote, it has excellent photo compatibility. You could take a photo and quickly attach it to your note, which means that you can get on with your life knowing that you have a photo record of whatever information you need. It works a little bit quicker than Evernote, and we feel this is because the interface is so uncluttered. A key point about this app is the ability to take and add photos in seconds, and the way you can quickly find photos without any fuss makes it possibly superior to Evernote.


Like Evernote, this app is available across Apple devices, from the iPAD to the iPhone. We feel it is a bit more suited to the iPhone simply due to the quality of the interface. If it wins over Evernote in any regard it would be the simplicity of the whole thing. Dragging and dropping could not be simpler, and this particular mechanism and dynamic seems to be suited to note taking more than Evernote’s click and pull interface. However, both apps have good points; we just wanted to show you an alternative to Evernote.