If you’ve seen the term ‘digital pen’ around the place, you may have been wondering what on earth it is. Well in this little article you’re going to find out the answer, so pull up a chair and get ready to find out why you should be in the know about this piece of technology.


A way to store writing without needing to type it up

A digital pen offers a way to capture handwriting and digitize it. It means that you don’t have to spend a long time typing up your notes from yesterday’s meeting or even last week’s conference. You can automatically upload the notes that you made directly to your computer.

How does it work?

Handwriting recognition software plays a key part in translating the handwriting into text that your computer can store. It takes an image of every pen stroke location and stores that information in a file. Initially it’s stored as code, but when the data is transferred it is then converted into images and text.


How big is a digital pen?

Larger than a stylus with the looks of a pen, it’s quite a unique item. The body of the pen contains electronics such as memory and the ability to transmit via Bluetooth. Size is also dependent upon the manufacturer of your pen.


It’s expected that digital pens will soon replace regular pens in most business scenarios. They save time and effort and make the life of the employee, business owner and student far easier. No more typing up notes that you feel you have already worked on. You can just upload the data and then even if your notes aren’t extensive enough for you, you can just fill in the gaps.


Technology has advanced drastically over the last ten years even and it’s amazing what is now possible with new developments.